23 Mar 2010

Crafty Tattoo

I bit the bullet today and I eventually went and got the tattoo I've wanted for ages. Let me just preface this by saying I'm a super wimp and I have zero pain threshold. It was the memory of that stabby needle that kept on putting me off. What eventually made me overcome my fear of the pain is that Don (the guy who did my tattoo) is leaving Limerick, and I really wanted him to do it.

So off I toddled today with the below array of photos, and I explained exactly what I wanted. My logic on not drawing it myself is that within a month I would start seeing flaws (which I do with all my work), and that's the last thing I wanted with something so permenant! It did an amazing job with the design, I love the look of the scissors and the flow of the thread. In case you are wondering, it's on my right shoulder.

I got a large tattoo on my back when I was 18, a nice tribal piece, but the design is not personal at all. I knew that I would eventually want another one, but I definitly wanted something more personal this time. What better way to mark this time in my life than to depict what I eat,sleep and breath every day!

Thanks to Don for his amazing work!


  1. I love it:)!!
    Il have to show you a pic of mine, its a measuring tape bow and needle & thread, button and pin! Its so great getting something with meaning!


  2. nice - i have a tattoo i drew myself on my back with personal significance to me - but i put it on my back precisely so i couldn't nitpick over its imperfections for the rest of my life because it would be too hard for me to look at it up close ;)

  3. This looks AWESOME!!! Nice one.... I have a technical drawing of the sewing machine I learned to sew on in the middle of my back. It REALLY hurt... no pain killers here in Ireland... the tailors marks and sleeve pattern that I have on my arm didn't hurt at all!! Note to self... next tat back in Oz!

  4. Oh I'd love to see all your tatt's they sound great. Maybe I could do a crafty tattoo blog post if people sent me pics..?

    Hayley, I sneekily too a couple of painkillers 20 mins before hand. I was so terrible at my first one I couldn't face the pain, and embarressment of being a crying mess. Shhh don't tell Don, cos it's really frowned upon here!
    They give you painkillers in Oz? During my first one I asked why they don't do a local anesthetic, first they laughed at me, and then said if I couldn't stick the pain I didn't derserve the tattoo!!

  5. i have started a simmilar back peice, an ode to arts and crafts <3

  6. Nice. On Tuesday, largely down to boredom and a momentary abundance of cash I ended up in a tattoo parlour....

    I believe Jacqui has posted a picture of it on facebook. Yours is nicer though.

  7. Very nice :) and a great idea.

  8. I absolutely adore that tattoo, i'd love a tattoo representing my crafty side but my love is paper, dunno how well that would translate to tattoo.

  9. Beautiful! I brought some of the same photos of scissors to the tattoo artist for my sewing design, too - how funny. Lovely tattoo!

  10. This is such a lovely way to spend the money. The tattoo is gorgeous. check out latest tattoo design ideas here


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